100 ml & 1L


Yeast – extract2.0%
L-ascorbic Acid1.0%
Citric Acid2.0%
Sorbic Acid2.5%
Formic Acid15.0%
Lactic Acid2.0%
Propionic Acid7.0%
Ammonium formate24.0%
Ammonium propionate7.0%
Propylene glycol5.0%
Photosynthetic bacterial flora5 × 10^8 CFU/ml
Lactic acid flora10 × 10^8 CFU/ml
Actinomycetes flora5 × 10^8 CFU/ml
Yeast flora5 × 10^8 CFU/ml
Filamentous flora5 × 10^8 CFU/ml

Califo pH is developed to control in natural may bacterial diarrhea in piglets and poultry. Further on Califo pH improves significantly the microbiological quality of the drinking water. Califo pH is a liquid balanced mixture of acidulants and emulsifiers to compensate the physiological hydrochloric acid deficiency in the stomach of piglets and poultry. This product is applied through the drinking water system. The important acidity in the stomach and the less marked acidity in the lower intestine are a necessary condition to reduce the multiplication of pathogenic enterobacteria, like E.coli and Salmonella. With Califo pH the buffer capacity of the feed/water intake is reduced, and thereby a higher enzymatic digestibility can be attained. It also influences the bacterial population in the upper part of the intestine. Here Califo pH promotes the development of useful bacteria like Lactobacilli.

1 Week1 ml1ml
2 Week1-1.5 ml1 ml
3 Week1-2 ml1-1.5 ml
4 Week1-2ml1-1.5 ml
5 Week1-2.5 ml1-2.0 ml
6 Week & More1-2.5ml1-2.0ml

Regular dosage: 1ml per 1-2L drinking water 5-7 days for treatment, May be use few weeks if necessary.


  • Prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria (esp. E.coli).
  • Stimulates the development of Lactobacilli.
  • Improves the ratio water/feed intake.
  • Improves the proteins digestibility.
  • Improves the microbiological quality of the drinking water.
  • Stimulates enzyme production and promotes optimal digestion and absorption.
  • Has a pH and anti-bacterial lowering effect I Does not eliminate Lactic Acid bacteria that contribute strongly to a stable intestinal flora.
  • These advantages will give a significant better feed conversion rate and a significant lower mortality.

Storage: In cool and dry places, avoid of sunlight.