Masdisin Herbafilm

Keep your cows’ 4 teats”


: lactic acid, glycerin, lanolin and plant extracts.

Post-milking Disinfectant

Teat orifice remains open up to 2 hours (average 30 minutes) after milking. During this time, bacteria can get in from the open teat orifice. First, they infect the milk then they harm the tissues that synthesize and excrete milk. 
The udder tissue destruction caused by bacteria entered into udder is called Mastitis.  

Masdisin Herbafilm 4 Seasons washes the residues of milk after milking and prevents from bacteria. It creates an antiseptic film on the top of the teat and prevents the bacterial entry into the udder. 

What are the benefits of using Masdisin Herbafilm? 

  • Natural fast acting LANA technology: Patented LANA (Lactic Acid, Natural Activation technology) technology has a wide range of effects on microbes. It should be noted that Masdisin Herbafilm prevents the emergence of new mastitis cases but does not treat mastitis. 

  • Creates a natural protective barrier film on the teat 

  • Softens the udder skin 

  • Excellent wetting and high viscosity 

  • Suitable pH for skin 

  • Ready-to-use solution 

  • Minimum drip and non-waste product 

  • Easy visibility with green color 

  • Natural fly repelling effect 

It is produced according to Ministry of Health Biocidal Regulations and European Veterinary Biocidal Directive (98/8/CE). 

How to use Masdisin Herbafilm? 
Dip the teats into Masdisin Herbafilm’s special pot just after every milking. Masdisin Very wet teats must be dried before use. Masdisin Herbafilm is ready to use solution, no needs to dilute. Before use just shake the container. You need wait 10-15 min until the product dries after dipping teats and you should not wipe it after immersion or spraying). 
We recommend that feeding animals should be done after milking and after making sure that the product is completely dry and ready to protect cows’ teats. 

Do not take the cows outside before Masdisin Herbafilm dries properly, especially when it is too cold. For the Spray and Dynamic versions, there is no obligation.  

Storage: Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and in its original. Do not freeze the product. 

Appearance: Green, dark consistency liquid. 

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture.