Anti-fungal and toxin binder feed premix

 1 Kg & 5 Kg


Each1gm contains:

Thymol 0.4 mg

Benzoic acid 60.0 mg

Sorbic acid 30 mg

Kaolin 250 mg

Talc 150 mg

FUNGIZAL is indicated as anti-fungal and toxin-binder, for feed preservation for the period of at least one month after mixing if properly stored. FUNGIZAL is used for prevention and control, it is indicated to be mixed in feed whenever there is suspicion of storage conditions that might favor fungal growth, Example humid storage room or wet grains and mixes. It is also to control moldy growths and rendering the feed free of the harmful effect of the fungal toxins.

Add one to two kg of FUNGIZAL per ton of complete feed and mix properly. Use the treated feed 24 hrs after mixing with FUNGIZAL starting from day old. Use FUNGIZAL as feed premix only. Should not be given in drinking water or direct oral route. Whenever there is humidity in the feed or suspicion of possible moisture in the surrounding premises, add FUNGIZAL to feed and mix it thoroughly, 24 hours should pass before it could be used. Incorporate it at one to two kg of FUNGIZAL per ton of feed.

FUNGIZAL is an effective anti-fungal and mycotoxin binder. It eliminates fungus growth in the feed of poultry and other animals. It neutralizes the effect of aflatoxin and other mycotoxins in the animal feed by its adsorbent and toxin binding effect. FUNGIZAL is effective in controlling the detrimental effect of fungi and their toxin in feed. It contains organic acids that are active in their biocidal activity, which includes action against fungal growth as well as mycotoxin (including aflatoxin) biosynthesis. It is proven to provide protection for at least one month after mixing. FUNGIZAL has minimal effect on the nutrient content of the feed to which it is added, it contains sorbic acid which is proven to be effective in preventing the decrease in fat in diets containing moldy corn (the fat content of which was restored by soybean oil) during 25 days of storage and in completely maintaining the nutritional value of the diets which was evaluated by chick performance.

Safety Precautions: FUNGIZAL irritant upon direct contact, use proper gloves to handle. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, in case of contact with eye flush with water and seek medical advice.