Complementary feed mix for cows

Complementary feed mix for cows

LACTO STOP is intended for high-yielding cows entering the dry period, which still have high milk production. The product inhibits milk secretion and has a positive effect on udder tissue regeneration during the dry period. The product for oral use.

Instructions for proper use:

– shake before use

– give to high-performance cows to the mouth with an infusion during drying off


– Cows: 500 g per 600 kg body weight a day

500 g

Conditions for proper storage:

Store in a dry, cool and shady place






propylene glycol


soybean oil

sodium salts of citric acid


Additives (in 1 kg):

Salvia officinalis (sage)

vitamin D3 180 IU

vitamin E 180 mg

vitamin B1 12.96 mg

vitamin B2 11.88 mg

vitamin B6/pyridoxine hydrochloride 12.24 mg

vitamin B12 43.2 mcg

D-Panthenol 13.68 mg

vitamin C 1440 mg

niacinamide 120 mg

copper (II) diacetate monohydrate 12.75 mg

manganese chloride tetrahydrate 42.5 mg

zinc acetate dihydrate 51 mg

potassium iodide 0.68 mg

cobalt (II) acetate tetrahydrate 0.085 mg

lactic acid 1.36 mg

potassium sorbate 240.9 mg

tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils 4.86 mg


Analytical components and their levels:

crude protein 0.0%

crude fiber 0.0%

crude oils and fats 0,0%

raw ash 0.23%

sodium 0.0018%

humidity 30.4%