Avian mineral stone preventing behavioral disorders and satisfying the natural pecking instincts by providing minerals.

4 kg/block


Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, other trace minerals, oyster shell flour, carob shell flour, calcium carbonate and other nutritive elements. For more information, please refer to the label. 

Poultry have a natural habit of pecking feed. However, in modern intensive poultry farming, the feed is brought in front of the animal which doesn’t require pecking. This causes the animals behavioral disorders. 

  • Cannibalism due to excessive pecking (depending on chickens’ behavior of hunter display) 

  • Excessive growth of beak due to the lack of trimming (animal welfare laws prohibit beak trimming) 


 Royal Avian PeckStone 
Produced entirely from natural raw materials without chemical binders, Royal Avian PeckStone satisfies the pecking instincts of farm birds and prevents possible behavioral disorders.

It’s left freely in front of farm birds for pecking. One piece of Royal Avian PeckStone is adequate for 300-400 farm birds. Consumption rate is low. (average: 1-4g/head/day)

Royal Avian PeckStone: 

  1. 1. Produced entirely from natural raw materials. Oyster shells and carob shell flour are a perfect rasp. 

  1. 2. Satisfies the pecking instinct, keeps birds sufficiently occupied and relives them from stress. Doesn’t cause cannibalism cases. 

  1. 3. Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and other trace elements that contribute to the development of healthy bone and feather while maintaining the health of the birds. 

  1. 4. Contains vital minerals and salts. Ensures a healthy metabolism. 

  1. Suitable for organic farming (livestock) 

  1. 5. Applicable for broilers, broods, layers, geese, turkeys, and exotic avian.