Liquid Respiratory Product


It is a liquid respiratory product containing vitamins B1 and C. With Mint, eucalyptus and thyme, relaxes beathing and provides protection of the respiratory tract moisture. Also contains essential oils and has an expectorant effect. 

For pigeon :  Used 1 time a week by adding 2-3 ml into 1 Liter clean drinking water. It is also beneficial for use   before and after flight
 Broilers & layers : Preserving the humidity of the natural routes of the respiratory tract increases resistance to   respiratory diseases. For this purpose, Spiro-clean contains essential oils, B1, C vitamins, potassium and iodine,   and it provides the moisture of the respiratory tract with aromatic character, expectorant effect, appetite   increasing   and supplies vitamins to poultry.
 FOR Broilers & Layers: 0,5-1 lt for 1 ton of water for 4-5 days.

125 ml